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About PlayNorth Watersports

Family Owned, Customer Focused

PlayNorth delivers watersports rentals, including jet ski rentals, boat rentals, and water trampolines all over the Leelanau County and Grand Traverse area! We’re located in the heart of Leelanau County in Lake Leelanau, Michigan. Our obsession with the outdoors of Northern Michigan led us to create PlayNorth, a boat delivery service that lets you unplug and PlayNorth while enjoying your summer on the lake! We deliver summer fun to boat launches throughout the Leelanau Peninsula and Grand Traverse County.

About the Owners

PlayNorth Watersports owners kayaking Lake Michigan on their PlayNorth kayak rentals in Leelanau County, Michigan.

Hi there, we’re the owners of PlayNorth! I grew up in Lake Leelanau and spent my summers on the lakes and trails of Northern Michigan. When I met my wife and partner, it wasn’t long before I introduced her to my first love, the beautiful Leelanau Peninsula. Our hearts have always been in Leelanau County, and we’re beyond thrilled for PlayNorth Watersports to be a part of the Leelanau Community.

A Michigan Summer is the best kind of summer – let’s help make this one the best one yet!

-The Dingrando Family

Get ready to Play!

Ready to unplug and PlayNorth? Reserve one of our boat rentals and experience the thrill of Michigan’s summer playground. Unleash the inner kid within and fly above the waves on a jet ski rental on Lake Michigan, the ocean-like waves and freshwater is nature at its best!

Our staff can assist you with reserving one of our wildly popular trampoline rentals or simply make your own reservation by using our 24/7 online reservation service. Give the kids (and big kids!) the gift of memories of endless family fun from sunrise to sunset. We deliver and install water trampolines on your waterfront. 

Relax and take it all in when you experience a scenic outdoor adventure that takes you right along the endless, secluded coastline. Rent one of our unique glowing stand-up paddleboards – there’s nothing like watching the sunset surrounded by nature, on an epic outdoor watersports adventure.

Safety First

We make it easy, just Reserve your watercraft rental and we’ll be happy to take care of everything from there. All of our watersport rentals include life jackets along with any accessories and safety equipment you should need.

Our goal at PlayNorth is to ensure that you get to experience Northern Michigan’s golden beaches, freshwater lakes and outdoor adventures in the most perfect, one of a kind way – on the lake and in the water. Give us a call today (231) 357-3790 or email us at

Your Local Connection

PlayNorth is centrally located in Leelanau, enabling our staff to give you not only the best boat rental and jet ski rental delivery price in Leelanau County, but reliable on-call service as well. Our Lake Leelanau location allows our staff to arrive fast and give assistance in the event you get a tow rope stuck in a propeller or run a battery dead. Give us a call or book now through our online reservation service, and let us deliver your boat rental, water trampoline rental, SUP paddleboard rental and jet ski rental right to you.

Delivered to you

Have your boat rental delivered to anywhere in the lakes surrounding Grand Traverse and Leelanau, the options are endless! Depending upon availability, we may deliver to lakes outside the Traverse City and Leelanau area, including Torch Lake, Skegemog Lake, Elk Lake, Arbutus Lake, and Crystal Lake. We’re thrilled to help with suggestions and insights into local options for the best lakes and travel tips around Northern Michigan. We have over 20 years of local experience in having a blast! 

Visit the PlayNorth Watersports Facebook and PlayNorth Instagram page to help you plan your summer vacation!

For more information about planning your Northwest Michigan vacation and learning about local events and attractions, visit the Traverse City Convention and Visitors Bureau.

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