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We offer a bigger platform with the same price as our competitors.

Summer Fun For All Ages

Our water trampoline rentals are so much fun, they’ll have your kids bouncing outside for hours, enjoying the lake right at your own beachfront. We rent water trampolines on lakes all over Leelanau County, Traverse City, and beyond. Your water trampoline rental from PlayNorth Watersports includes full setup and installation of the water trampoline with slide attachment at your waterfront.

Let’s talk about Water Trampoline Rentals! There is one reason for renting a Water Trampoline – BOUNCE! Some models commonly used by rental companies just don’t have it. Sure, these models are cheaper and easier to install, so many companies choose lower quality brands…the problem being you often end up with a glorified floating raft. 

Our Aquaglide Supertramp 17’ Water Trampolines have more parts, are heavier, & require hard work by our PlayNorth staff – but we do it because we KNOW it means more fun for you. And here’s why!

3 Reasons:

  • It has a frame!
    • Unlike the water trampolines offered by most rental companies our product incorporates an aluminum frame to maximize the stiffness of the bounce platform. Frameless designs are at the mercy of temperature fluctuations (Hello Michigan weather!) due to the tube shrinking. A 90 degree day will give you a firm jump surface, but mid 70’s will give you a limper surface. A frame = tension, which means better bounce. It’s worth the work for the fun!
  • Octagon Design > Circular design.
    • A circular design concentrates the bounce only around the very center. That’s a no from us. Octagon Design wins here because it provides a more uniform bounce over the entire jump surface, making the sweet spot bigger, and making your trampoline rental more worthwhile
  • Larger Jump Surface!
    • The SuperTramp 17 – 17’W x 36”H allows for a 12’9 jump surface. Our models offer the largest bounce surface in the area. It’s a great size while not taking up a lot of waterfront space, and ideal for 3-4 users.

Due to their popularity, our Water Trampoline rentals require a 3-day minimum rental. The Water Trampolines and anchoring systems are very heavy; depending on the difficulty of the terrain/installation requirements, some lakefront homes may require an additional installation fee. We’ve installed many water trampolines and we’re certainly more than happy to set yours up for hours of laughter and fun! Go ahead and reserve the perfect addition to any waterfront location – maximize the fun of your summer gathering with one of our Aquaglide SuperTramp Water Trampolines! Book Today and reserve your water trampoline for your waterfront vacation. Want to know more? Check out our tips for getting the most out of your water trampoline rental!

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Above all, we pride ourselves on offering the best gear you can find, we do this in a very scientific way – Testing! Our experience has revealed a common issue with the typical round or 10-sided water trampoline – BOUNCE! As a result, we currently offer Aquaglide SuperTramp Water Trampolines due to the 8-sided design which creates a unique pattern of tension and a larger “Sweet-Spot” meaning significantly more airtime! An added bonus is the SwimStep boarding system which makes boarding easier than an aluminum ladder and also acts as a floating platform for all ages. Reservations fill up fast! Book Now.

group of kids jumping on a playnorth watersports water trampoline rental in leelanau and grand traverse lake

*rates do not include delivery fees. Due to increased demand, prices may vary during peak season.

Water Trampoline Rental Rates*

  • 3 Day Minimum: from $300/day
  • 5-6 Day Rentals: from $280/day
  • 7+ Day Rentals: from $250/day
  • Call for special pricing options
  • Who will be KING OF THE LOG – Add a 10′ Log Attachment for $30/day!

Water Trampoline Specs

  • Diameter: 17 feet
  • Octane™ – Eight-sided for superior bounce and greater jump surface
  • Capacity: 4 JUMPING at one time.
  • SwimStep Boarding Platform for easy Access
  • All Rentals have a Plunge™ slide included!

Best Value in the Area!

Our water trampolines are the best value in the area. The Aquaglide SuperTramp allows us to offer a larger bounce platform compared to other boat rental companies in Leelanau and Traverse City, at the same price as the smaller water trampolines that they offer. The octagon shape allows for a higher bounce, so you can cannon ball into Lake Michigan and mean it.


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