Leelanau and Traverse City Water Trampoline Rentals:

Kid Tested, Kid Approved.

Another PlayNorth Water Trampoline Rental hanging out on Suttons Bay!
Reserve a water trampoline for installation at your waterfront in Leelanau and Grand Traverse Counties.

Summer is here! For families who visit Leelanau County and Traverse City, that means booking a water trampoline rental for the annual family party. Our popular water trampolines provide hours of bouncing fun for the kids (and adults!) freeing you up for some R&R on your waterfront. So, let’s talk about Water Trampoline Rentals and fun! There’s one reason for renting a Water Trampoline – BOUNCE!

Installing a Glen Lake water trampoline rental
in Leelanau County!

Most models commonly used by rental companies just don’t have “it”. Sure, those models are cheaper and easier to install, so many companies choose lower-quality brands…

the problem being you often end up with a glorified floating raft…The opposite of fun.

It’s all about the BOUNCE, and not every model has it. Our Aquaglide Supertramp 17’ Water Trampolines have more parts, are heavier, & require hard work by our team at PlayNorth – but we do it because we KNOW it means more fun for you. Facts!

And here’s why knowing what you’re paying for is so important!

3 Reasons:

Our huge Water Trampolines are the best way for kids to have fun on the water at your waterfront!
17’W x 36”H allows for a 12’9 jump surface.
10/10 Children Recommend our water trampolines!
Pictured: Water Trampoline Rental on Suttons Bay, MI.

1. Our water trampolines have a frame! Unlike the water trampolines offered by other rental companies, our product incorporates an aluminum frame to maximize the stiffness of the bounce platform. Frameless designs are at the mercy of temperature fluctuations (Hello, Northern Michigan weather!) due to the tube shrinking.

A 90 degree day will give you a firm jump surface, but mid 70’s will give you a limper surface. A frame = tension, which means better bounce. It’s worth the work for the fun!

Delivering fun is always worth the work!
Pictured: Wrapping up a trampoline rental installation on Suttons Bay.

2. Octagon Design > Circular design
A circular design concentrates the bounce only around the very center.

That’s a no from us. Octagon Design wins here because it provides a more uniform bounce over the entire jump surface, making the sweet spot bigger, and making your trampoline rental more worthwhile.

PlayNorth Watersports delivers and installs water trampolines
at all sorts of waterfronts in Leelanau and Grand Traverse Counties.

3. Larger Jump Surface!
The SuperTramp 17 – 17’W x 36”H allows for a 12’9 jump surface. Our models offer the largest bounce surface in the area. It’s a great size while not taking up a lot of waterfront space, and ideal for 3-4 users.

The next time you start searching for a water trampoline rental near Lake Leelanau, Suttons Bay, or Northport, ask questions about the equipment when you call to ensure you’ll be happy with your rental. That’s our goal and our expertise!

A water trampoline rental in Northport, Michigan, a jet skiing and boating paradise!

Now, on to the more important question….

Do our water trampoline rentals come with a slide?

PlayNorth Watersports delivers water trampoline rentals all over the Leelanau Peninsula and Traverse City, including Lake Leelanau, Suttons Bay, Torch Lake, Spider Lake, Glen Lake, Long Lake, and the list goes on! Call us today to book at (231) 357-3790, or book online 24/7! For more information on our water trampoline rentals in Leelanau and Grand Traverse County, Contact Us or visit PlayNorth Watersports. We’re happy to help!

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